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For its 25th birthday this year, the Czech brand Vest received a nice and surprising gift. For the first time in history, the traditional brand of salty snacks won the prestigious Czech Superbrands 2021 award, which confirms excellent position of the brands on the Czech market. The Superbrands award is presented in 90 countries around the world.

In the Czech Republic, the Superbrands Award Seal has been awarded since 2013 to brands that have a great reputation, customers associate significant values ​​with them and have a personal relationship with them.

“The news about winning the Czech Superbrands 2021 award pleasantly surprised me, at first I didn’t even want to believe it. We are getting to the level of brands such as Kaufland, Staropramen, Hamé or Marlenka, which is great honour for us and I am very pleased about it. I understand this as an appreciation of the work of all employees of our company, “says Jana Večerková, CEO of Vest company, who stood at the very beginnings of the Vest brand in 1996.

“Our joy is even greater, because Superbrands is not a competition to which you could register. Brands undergo a complex multi-round selection process, which they do not even know about. The winner is then selected by an expert jury composed of professionals from the fields of business, communication, marketing, media and marketing research. We will place the acquired Czech Superbrands 2021 Award Seal on our products and we believe that it will have a positive effect on their sales.”

The Superbrands project originated in the United Kingdom and immediately gained worldwide recognition. Today, it is the best-known independent global authority in the field of brand evaluation that operates in 90 countries on five continents.

Vest is the biggest family company in the field of production of salty snacks in the Czech Republic. The Vest brand represents salty snacks, among which you can find salty sticks, crackers and pretzels of various shapes and flavours. In total, you can find more than two dozen different products under Vest brand in Czech stores. Everything is baked in Zlín, the main raw material – flour – comes from Moravian suppliers and the company has about 50 employees. Apart from domestic market, Vest is also very successful in Slovakia and exports its products to other countries.