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Our story

Who are we? We are VEST – the biggest family company in the field of salted snacks in the Czech Republic. But similarly like the pretzel is not baked on its own, also we did not became the leader of the market throughout one night. We got to this position thanks to more than 20 years of thorough work, innovative approach and our mission to make people happy through our products. Sit down comfortably, open a bag of our salted crunchy snacks and read the whole story of the VEST brand.

Sit down and get comfortable, open a bag of our crunchy delights and read the history of the VEST brand.

  • The nice aroma of today already legendary sticks „Vestky“ was floating through Bohuslavice u Zlina from family house where the first floor was rebuilt into a small manufacturing plant with a line for baking of salted sticks. This was in a year 1996. People from surrounding area loved the “Večerka´s Sticks” so much that just exactly from this words the name of the whole company VEST arose.
  • Classical salted and cheese sticks were gradually extended also for pretzels, crackers, mixes, bread sticks and also twisted sticks – simply salted snacks of different shapes and various flavors. And because our customers love tasting novelties, also nowadays we are working on development of new products – together with American food technologists as well as the Tomáš Baťa University in Zlín. We also keep up with current trends and our vision is to produce all snacks without palm fat.
  • During the time we moved from Bohuslavice to the regional city Zlín and in the local district called Zlín – Louky we constructed new production hall from which we dispatch our salted VEST brand goodies and also special private label products into Czech Republic as well as into many foreign markets. We cooperate not only with the big International chains but also with smaller retail stores.
  • The safety and top quality of our produced foodstuffs is proved by international certificate IFS of higher level. Our production has fully implemented the system of risk analysis HACCP and some of our products are awarded with the quality mark Klasa.
Have you already listed our VEST branded salted snacks that are very popular with the consumers? Do not hesitate, contact us and we will bake it together!

Snapshots from the history of the VEST brand

From confection to pretzel sticks


Before the VEST brand came about, we gained experience in the confectionary business. The sweets started giving us a toothache, so to speak, so we went the other way and started baking salty snacks.

Christmas was a little different


At the beginning, only a few members of our family were involved in baking the salty snacks. But when the first Christmas came, we were surprised by an unexpected number of orders. We had no time to sit by the tree munching on sugar plums and watching Christmas specials, because we were busy packing pretzel sticks on the production line.

There’s no place like home — time to get out


Manufacturing on the first floor of the family home and in the yard had its charm, but there wasn’t enough room. Because more and more people enjoyed our salty delicacies, we had to find larger quarters. We finally found a home for our operation in Zlín-Louky.

We start to conquer the world


Another crucial year was 2004, when the HACCP risk analysis system was introduced to our production and certified. It guarantees the quality of our products. We also broke into the export market — shipping our snacks abroad, specifically to Italy. And now we export to almost the whole world!

Fantastic sticks!


There’s a lot of competition in the field of salty baked snacks. For that reason, we’re proud of the fact that from 2010 until today, we are the only manufacturer on the Czech and Slovak market that knows how to produce twisted sticks known for their crunch and delicious flavour.

No need for palm oil


During our 20th year of baking salty pretzel sticks, we implemented a change called for by our customers — for the first time, we marketed VEST salty snacks made without palm oil. The breakthrough product was Chilli sticks, distinctive for their mildly spicy flavour.

We innovate, build and plan


We don’t rest on our laurels. We expanded our production site with another modern hall, launched a top-notch automatic line for pretzels, and we immediately introduced several new items — innovative pretzels with lovegrass, honest Vestky XL sticks, and thin, crunchy pretzels.

And what’s next?

2019 - ?

And how does the future look? We’re already considering how to bowl over our customers in coming years. On the one hand, it’s clear we’ll produce non-perishable salty snacks of various shapes and flavours, so the VEST brand will still be a guarantee of quality and honest work. It is key that we fulfil our mission to bring people salty satisfaction through our products.